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sports and outdoor activities

La ferme Balder is the perfect destination for sports lovers.

Due to its peaceful atmosphere, this place is an invitation to practice yoga and meditation.

Hikers are fulfilled as the area is well-known for its many hiking paths.

Cyclists and runners can measure themselves to the “bocage” and its changing topography!

culture and entertainment

Orne is dedicated to stud breeding, horses are eveywhere including here at la ferme Balder. The Haras du Pin (30 min) is definitly a must-see: the guided tour is instructive and the beautiful place worth visiting. A lot of competitions and activities are proposed each weekend from spring to fall.

Not farm from la ferme Balder, the camp de Bierre is one of the better preserved historical testimony of the iron age in western Europe. Enjoy the walk in a bucolic landscape! At few minutes from the camp, the Vaudobin and the gorges du Meillon also offer some great strolls and incredible views.

Our region has been devastated at the end of the WWII and still bear the scars of that tragedy. Each year in summer many commemorative celebrations are held and give the opportunity to see old vehicules and vintage uniforms in a festive atmosphere. Visit the the Memorial at Caen and the DDay beaches to become unbeatable on that period!

Actually, there are many outing opportunities in the area: the fromagerie Graindorge is plebicited by visitors, as the Bohin factory or the zoo of Cerza… Just let us know your wishes, we will guide you!