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La ferme is full of “balders” who will do their best to make your stay a success. But who are they?

Caroline & Emilie

Living and working in Paris seemed too boring one day so we made a break at first: 2 years of travel and then we had a brand new project! Find a place that we would love so much that we would like to share it: la ferme Balder was born!


The worst hunter on earth, the true parisian of our troop!

He always looked old so now that he is, it is like if he does not have changed 😉

Celia & Cigale

Two brave horses retired here at Balder’s.

These old ladies are a bit wild and shy but be careful: showing a carrot is enough to make them coming at full speed!

Poquettes, Simone and Cie

Precious allies of our recycling efforts, chickens are an essential part of our little company: no chicken, no eggs!

We take care of these girls!